The Perpetual Tax-Free Machine

Today’s post is more for fun and to dream a bit. It is also more focussed on the South African Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA). International readers if this sounds boring, I am sorry, but please pop in next time if… Continue Reading


Thinking in Percentages

This concept has been written about in the personal finance community. Although I think it is something that does not get enough airtime. As a base for the personal finance and financial independence (FI) community a lot of the fundamental… Continue Reading


That Moment when more Money doesn’t Matter

Early in the year me and a bunch of school friends got together. We went to a place that has good burgers and beer after work for a get-together and catchup session. We do this relatively often, but probably not… Continue Reading


3 Rates you need to Understand

As many of you know finances, business and broader economics really interests me. This has not always been the case but something that started as I began my career. How does all of this fit together so that I can… Continue Reading


Net Worth Update – January 2019

It’s the beginning of a new year and I am positive about this one. Work has started with a bang and the normal family routine is starting to settle in again. I believe tracking your net worth is one of… Continue Reading


2018 in Review

When certain milestones or events pass by in life, I believe it is important to reflect on them. Reflection is a valuable life skill and as a semi-active investor it is important to reflect on investments made. As for 2018… Continue Reading


The Realisation that we Might Never be Poor

Being financially poor or living in poverty is open to perception or interpretation. The last threshold of the international poverty line was set by the World Bank at $ 1.90 per day in 2015. The World Bank estimated that 900… Continue Reading