The Road to Wealthy Content

The Road to Wealthy Content

It has been a strange journey and coming for a while. If I retrace all the steps and everything I have learned I think this is the perfect time in my life to start Wealthy Content. I have learned a lot about financial wealth and content since I started my working life and I want to continue learning as it unfolds.

Since I started working I have always tried to save more every month than I earn, this has continued through getting married and having kids. My thoughts have always been one day when you look back you will be glad you did. At the moment, I am really glad and a bit disappointed that I did not do even better. One thing I have always tried to avoid and reduce is debt, this was always a more psychological thing as I do not like owning anyone anything.

This however became more of a wealth building strategy as reducing your debt is the one end of the scale to improve your net worth. Another thing that had a profound impact on me was that on many occasions I saw people reaching the end of their career and profusely worrying about their retirement from a financial perspective. I have also seen many people take their retirement savings and start a business like a hardware store or coffee shop which ends up failing. It is scary but in South Africa a very small percentage of people can retire comfortably without drastic live style cuts or still trying to generate income. This made me promise myself that I will be financially independent at retirement and will own enough income generating assets so that I do not have to delve any capital. If this happens my kids will have a great inheritance as well, so hold thumbs for them…

I have also had this long-time idea of writing a book on becoming debt free by thirty-three. The more research I did on the subject the more I found what big of a subject it is. Focussing on debt is only a part of being financially wealthy and content. I probably came half way writing the book but wanted to go broader and in a more agile way. A website blog is far more agile as I can constantly write as my perspectives and opinions change. Writing a great book also takes great dedication, as Tim Ferris said in a recent podcast you must make this your first priority. This is something I cannot do at the moment, but maybe one day you never know.

While reading up and I also started reading more and more personal finance blog/websites. At some stage I thought: but wait a minute this could be me. I could hopefully add value to the world by sharing my insights, experiences and perspectives on wealth and being content with your wealth. At the very least I will learn a new skill in building a website (which I am a total novice at). There are some blogs which played a big role in me creating Wealthy Content, I would really recommend you read them as well therefore I have listed them below:

Financial Samurai
ESI Money
Wallet Hacks
Seed Time
Get Rich Slowly
Money Crashers

I hope you enjoy the site, please comment or send me a mail.

Always grow your wealth for tomorrow while being content with your wealth today.

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