How Does Discord Make Money? Exploring Its Revenue Streams


Discord, as a social platform, got popular quickly. However, what’s its source of income, considering it’s free? This section will look into how Discord earns money. We’ll discover the unique ways it stays afloat and successful. Let’s learn about Discord’s business model and its revenue secrets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discord makes money via its freemium system. That means it offers a basic version for free and adds more features for a fee.
  • Its Nitro subscriptions bring in the most money. These give special benefits to those who subscribe.
  • It also makes cash through selling games and earning from partnerships, as well as from server membership fees.
  • Investors are very confident in Discord’s future success, as seen in its funding and high valuation.
  • Though it faces challenges, Discord keeps getting better by offering new ways to connect and build communities.

What is Discord and How Does It Work?

Discord is a chat app that lets you talk in many ways. You can use text, voice, or video to chat with friends. It’s perfect for everything from quick chats to video meetings.

Servers are at the heart of Discord. They are like online spaces for different groups. You can find one for almost anything you’re interested in. They’re great for sharing ideas and having fun talks.

Discord has lots of ways to make your experience your own. You can make your own server or join one that’s already set up. You can have your server be open to anyone or private with just invitees. This lets you find others who like what you do.

Inside servers, there are channels for different topics. This helps keep conversations organized. Whether you love games, art, or food, Discord has a place for you. It’s a neat way to meet people who are into the same things as you are.

You can use Discord on many gadgets, like computers and phones. This means you can stay in touch no matter where you are. It also works smoothly with YouTube and Spotify. This makes sharing stuff and chatting even more fun.

Benefits of Discord:

  • Real-time communication through text, voice chat, and video calls
  • Join and create servers centered around specific interests or topics
  • Participate in conversations through channels
  • Cross-platform accessibility on desktop and mobile devices
  • Integrations with other platforms like YouTube and Spotify

Discord’s Freemium Business Model

Discord’s business model is called freemium. This means it gives basic features to everyone for free. By doing this, more people join and use Discord. The free service has made Discord popular in many groups around the world.

Although Discord is free, there’s a paid version called Nitro. Nitro users get cool perks like animated emojis and better video and audio. This premium service makes Discord even better for its users.

This model helps Discord meet many people’s needs. Everyone is welcome, even if they don’t pay. However, some users buy Nitro, which makes money for Discord.

The Discord Free Experience

With Discord’s free version, you can:

  • Create and join servers
  • Communicate through text, voice chat, and video calls
  • Share files and media
  • Customize your personal profile
  • Join various communities based on your interests

The freemium model has worked well for Discord. It is a favorite among gamers, developers, and more. The large and active community shows its success.

Benefits of Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro has extra features for its subscribers, like:

  • Enhanced customization options, such as animated avatars and profile badges
  • Increased file upload size limits for sharing large media files
  • High-quality screen sharing for seamless collaboration
  • Prioritized customer support for Nitro members
  • Discord Nitro Boosts to unlock special perks for your favorite servers
Feature Discord Free Discord Nitro
Access to basic features
Animated avatars
Increased file upload size limits
High-quality screen sharing
Prioritized customer support
Discord Nitro Boosts

Nitro makes Discord more fun and creative. It’s for people who want to go beyond basic chatting. It really lets you stand out on the platform.

Whether free or paid, Discord has something for everyone. Its freemium model ensures quality for all, promoting a welcoming and active community.

Discord’s Subscription Structure

Discord makes most of its money from Nitro subscriptions. There are two Nitro plans: one for each month and one for a whole year. These plans offer special features that make Discord better for users.

Discord Nitro Features

A Nitro subscription brings you lots of cool stuff to use on Discord. Here are some of its top features:

  • Personalized Emojis: Use special emojis everywhere to show how you feel.
  • Animated Avatars: Stand out with moving pictures as your profile.
  • Larger File Upload Sizes: Share big files easily and work better with others on Discord.
  • Profile Badges: Get badges to show you support and belong in the community.
  • Discounts on Server Boosting: Make your favorite servers better and save money boosting them.

Discord Nitro Pricing

There are easy-to-pick payment plans for Discord Nitro:

Plan Pricing
Monthly $9.99 per month
Annual $99.99 per year

Discord Nitro gives you choices. You can pay each month or once a year. This approach lets everyone find the best plan for them.

Nitro subscriptions make Discord way cooler with special features just for subscribers. This shows Discord is focused on meeting every user’s needs, making it a top pick for building online communities.

Game Sales and Membership Fees

Discord makes money not only from subscriptions but also from game sales and membership dues. It used to have a game store of its own, but that’s over now. Now, Discord teams up with developers to sell games that users can only find on its platform.

When developers sell their games through Discord, Discord gets a cut. This helps Discord back developers and grow its collection of games.

Discord also lets server owners charge a fee to get into special areas. Owners can choose different prices and benefits for their server memberships. Discord then takes a share of the money as their fee for running these paid server services.

This mix of selling games and charging for server access makes up part of Discord’s income. This strategy keeps game developers and server owners interested. It creates chances for all to earn more.

discord game sales

Discord Membership Fee Structure

Membership Tier Price (per month) Benefits
Basic $4.99 Access to exclusive channels and emotes
Pro $9.99 Additional perks, such as higher audio quality and custom server vanity URL
Platinum $14.99 Premium support boosted upload limits, and early access to new features

Server Boosting

Discord offers a cool feature to boost your server’s performance. By boosting your server, you make it better and more fun for everyone.

You get to choose how to boost your server. You can buy boosts one by one or pick a monthly or yearly plan. This lets you find the best fit for you.

Boost Levels

There are different boost levels in Discord, each with special benefits. Let’s check them out:

Boost Level Benefits
Level 1 Improved audio quality
Level 2 Increased emoji slots
Level 3 Higher upload limits

Each level gives you new features to make your server more interesting and fun for everyone.

Boost Benefits

By boosting your server, you unlock not just levels but benefits too. Here are some cool bonuses:

  • Exclusive features
  • Badges to showcase your support

These extras help you show your love to your favorite servers in a special way.

Boosting also helps a server grow. Your support means a lot to server owners. It helps them offer better experiences to everyone. It also helps the community to do well.

So don’t wait any longer. Start boosting your favorite servers now. Help make Discord a better place for everyone.

Discord’s Funding and Valuation

Discord is a top chat app that many people use. It recently got $500 million from investors. This shows how much people believe it will keep growing.

Now, the app is worth an amazing $15 billion. This big number tells us that investors see a lot of value in how Discord brings people together. They are very confident about its future.

Discord’s funding and worth show that it’s doing well financially. Also, it’s seen as a big deal in social media. Reputable investors putting money into it means they think it’s a smart investment.

Many well-known investors have helped Discord become successful:

  • Sequoia Capital: This top venture capital group often supports successful tech companies. They’ve seen great potential in Discord and have invested.
  • Index Ventures: Another important venture capital, Index Ventures, has believed in Discord from the beginning. It identified Discord as special early on.
  • Greylock Partners: Greylock is experienced in picking winning tech companies. It has faith in Discord’s future growth.

Thanks to these investors and more, Discord has grown and gotten better. Their support has allowed Discord to keep making its service better.


Discord Investors
Investor Key Contributions
Sequoia Capital Recognized Discord’s potential and provided substantial funding.
Index Ventures Early investors acknowledged Discord’s unique position in the market.
Greylock Partners Invested in Discord, confident in its growth trajectory.

Challenges and Outlook for Discord

Discord has grown a lot but still faces some big challenges. Safety and keeping things appropriate are key areas of focus for the site. There are lots of users, so Discord tries hard to fight things like bad content, bullying, and harassment.

The company has set up a team focused on trust and safety. They make sure everyone follows the rules and keep Discord a safe place.

Content Moderation: Ensuring Safety and Security

Staying safe online is a big deal for Discord. They use smart tech to spot and delete things like hate speech and bad behavior. They also ask users to report anything that doesn’t feel right, so they can act fast.

Competition from Industry Giants

Discord is doing well but faces big tech companies entering its turf. These competitors are after the same kind of community Discord has built. Still, Discord has a strong base and special features for all kinds of hobby and interest groups.

Outlook: Growth and Innovation

Changes and challenges aside, Discord looks to the future with hope. They put safety and innovation first. Their supportive community and a growing number of users show promise for more success ahead.

Challenges Actions Taken
Content moderation Establishment of a Trust and Safety team, proactive enforcement of community guidelines, advanced moderation systems
Competition from larger companies Unique features tailored to interest groups, dedicated user community


How does Discord make money?

Discord makes money through subscriptions, game sales, and server boosting. It lets users enjoy more features by paying.

What is Discord, and how does it work?

It’s a chat app with text, voice chat, and video. Users can make or join servers. These are like online clubs for different interests.

What is Discord’s freemium business model?

Discord is free but has a paid version called Nitro. Nitro gives special features to users who pay for it.

How does Discord’s subscription structure work?

You can get Nitro with a monthly or yearly plan. It adds cool things like personal emojis and animated avatars to your profile.

How does Discord generate revenue from game sales and membership fees?

Discord sells games and takes a cut of the sales. It also gets a part of the fees from servers that charge for membership.

How does Discord’s revenue model work?

Discord earns money from many sources, such as subscriptions and game sales. This mix, along with its large user base, brings in a lot of cash. It’s a popular choice for many gamers and community builders.

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