How to Sell Stocks on Cash App: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

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how to sell stock on cash app

Did you know that the number of Cash App users investing in stocks has soared by over 125% in the last year? This eye-popping number shows how popular Cash App has become for investing. It’s now super easy for everyone to buy, sell, and keep track of their stocks. Are you thinking of selling some of your stocks or changing your investment mix? Then, this is the perfect guide for you. We will take you through the step-by-step process of selling stocks on Cash App.

Here, you’re about to discover how to sell stocks on Cash App, right from viewing your investment list to making the sale. You’ll learn why investing in stocks via the app is great, what you need to do, and how to handle the money you make from sales. This guidance is for boah experienced investors and those just starting. After this, you’ll be all set to sell your stocks easily and confidently on Cash App.

Cash App and Stock Trading

Cash App is a well-known payment app from Block, Inc. (formerly Square, Inc.). It started as a way to send money and pay online. Now, it lets users buy and sell stocks too. This makes Cash App a complete tool for managing money and investments. Its easy-to-use design and free stock trading have made it popular among people wanting to get into stock trading.

Overview of Cash App

Cash App is more than just a way to send or receive money. It lets users do a lot, from handling stocks to buying Bitcoin. People like its simple, straightforward design, especially younger investors. They appreciate how it fits their mobile lifestyle, making finance easy and accessible.

Features of Cash App

Cash App comes with many useful services. You can do direct deposit, use the Cash Card for shopping, and trade stocks or Bitcoin. All these features are in one easy app. For those looking to simplify their finances, Cash App serves as a great all-in-one solution.

Understanding Stock Trading on Cash App

Cash App brings stock trading to the forefront for everyday people. It lets you buy and sell fractional shares of stocks. This means you can invest with as little as $1 in the companies you like. It’s a great way to start trading stocks and grow your investment options.

How Cash App Supports Stock Trading?

Cash App makes cash app stock trading easy for everyone. It has a simple design that’s great for new and experienced investors alike. You can manage your investments, check how your portfolio is doing, and set financial goals with ease.

Benefits of Trading Stocks on Cash App

The big plus of trading stocks on Cash App is no commission fees. This commission-free trading lets you buy and sell stocks without extra costs. It’s perfect for new investors or if you have little to start with.

You can also buy fractional shares on Cash App. This means you don’t have to buy a whole stock. It’s a good way to spread your investments and join the stock market, even on a tight budget.

For those looking to learn more, Cash App offers various educational resources. From guides for beginners to tools for analysis, Cash App wants to ensure you make smart choices with your money.

Setting Up Cash App for Stock Trading

First, you have to create a Cash App account to start trading stocks. This doesn’t take long and can be done easily in a few steps.

Creating a Cash App Account

Start by downloading the Cash App and signing up. You can use your email or phone number to do this. Follow the instructions to complete your profile. After creating your account, you can check out the cash app interface.

Here, you’ll see the home screen and investing tab. These help you get around the app and discover investing.

Linking a Bank Account

Next, link your bank account to your Cash App. This is essential for buying stocks and handling your earnings. Just go to the Banking section and choose “Link Bank Account.” Follow the steps to make a secure connection.

Now, you can easily move your money in and out of your cash app account setup.

Navigating the Cash App Interface

The Cash App interface is simple and easy to use. The main screen shows your money, recent activities, and more. The investing tab is where all your stock-trading tools are.

Choosing the Right Stocks to Sell

Before selling any stocks, it’s key to check your investments. Analyzing your portfolio closely can show you which stocks may need selling. This is vital for keeping your financial goals in check.

Analyzing Your Portfolio

Examine how each stock in your portfolio is doing. Look at the current market value, the price history, and recent events. This will show you which stocks are doing well and which aren’t.

Factors to Consider Before Selling

Decide based on your financial goals and the market’s trends. If a stock isn’t performing, it might be time to sell and look for better options. Remember, selling stocks means considering the tax on gains.

By carefully analyzing and considering everything before selling, you can make smart choices. This can maximize what you get from your investments. It’s about setting your portfolio up for success in the long run.

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How to Sell Stocks on Cash App?

Using Cash App to sell stocks is easy. It lets you keep track of your investments simply. First, click on your investment portfolio in the Cash App’s Investing section.

Accessing Your Portfolio

In the Investing tab, you’ll see all the stocks you own. You can then pick the one you want to sell. This view helps you spot the stocks you’re ready to sell quickly.

Selecting the Stock to Sell

Find the stock and click “Sell” next to it. You’ll move to the stock sale details setup screen. Here, you can pick the sell amount by dollars or shares.

Setting the Sale Details

Double-check the details, like the market price and sale earnings. Knowing these numbers will help you make a good choice. This is key for selling your stocks on the cash app and reaching your goal.

Confirming the Sale

Ready to sell? Confirm your choice on Cash App. After that, the sale is on its way. The money from the sale will soon be in your account.

Understanding the Sale Process

When you sell stocks on Cash App, it’s usually fast. Most sales go through right away, letting you use your money without waiting. But, sometimes, the sale completion timeline can be up to two days.

Once you’ve confirmed the stock sale, Cash App tells you it’s done. You’ll get a notice showing the sale details. This includes how many shares are sold, the price, and your total earnings.

The stock sale process on Cash App is easy to follow and honest. Knowing about each sale step helps you keep an eye on your investments. This way, you can wisely decide when to sell your stocks.

Managing Your Earnings from Stock Sales

Once you sell your stocks on the Cash App, the sale’s money goes to your balance. You can see this on the app’s home screen. This way, you can keep an eye on your balance and your earnings.

Viewing Your Available Balance

To see your current balance, just look at the Cash App home screen. Your total balance, including earnings from recent stock sales, is there.

Transferring Funds to Your Bank Account

Ready to take out your stock sale money? It’s easy to move it to your bank account. In the Cash App, use the Banking tab and select “Cash Out.” Then, pick the amount to transfer. You’ll usually see the money in your bank account in 1-3 business days.

Tax Implications of Selling Stocks

When you sell stocks, you might have to pay taxes on your profit. Cash App gives you a 1099-B form for your taxes. Keep track of your sales. It’s also good to talk to a tax pro to make sure you do your taxes right.


How do I sell stocks on Cash App?

To sell stocks on Cash App, here’s what you do:

  • First, go to the Investing tab to see your portfolio.
  • Next, choose the stock you want to sell. Then, hit the “Sell” button.
  • Decide how much you want to sell by the dollar or share amount.
  • Finally, check everything over and confirm the sale.

How long does it take for a stock sale to be processed on Cash App?

Usually, your sales process is instantly on Cash App. But sometimes, it might take up to two business days.

Where can I view the earnings from my stock sales on Cash App?

When your stock sale goes through, the money will show in your Cash App balance. You can see this on your home screen.

To move the money to your bank, click on the Banking tab. Then, choose “Cash Out” and follow the steps.

Do I have to pay taxes on the profits from selling stocks on Cash App?

Yes, you might have to pay taxes on money you make from selling stocks. Cash App gives you a 1099-B form for tax time. Be sure to report all your sales to the IRS.

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