Your Finances in the Next Market Downturn

The S&P 500 has hit a couple of new all-time highs in the past week. Investors has been praising the market as everyone is happy to see the returns and growth (except the perma-bears). My portfolio has performed excellently during… Continue Reading


The Phenomenon and Sad Reality of Payday Weekend

Payday, a day many people wait for and get excited about. You just have to listen to the talk and jokes around the corridors. There are few things financially as gratifying as generating cashflow, in your personal capacity or in… Continue Reading


Financial & Location Independence

Globalisation is a reality and is still increasing after growing exponentially at the end of the 20th century. With no world wars and many established trade agreements it is easier than ever to economically, culturally and politically globalise. This rhetoric… Continue Reading


Will it Become Easier to Achieve FI?

The FI/RE (financial independence/retire early) community is generally seen as conservative in their spending habits. General rules include not spending on stuff but rather on experiences. Procure productive assets which will work for you in the future. As well as… Continue Reading



To quote the Gorillaz: “Rhythm, you have it or you don’t, that’s a fallacy”. I believe everyone wants a bit of rhythm in their lives, like a golden thread that is established from your personal first principles. Some people want… Continue Reading


Investing is like sending your kids off to go study

Investing has been compared to many things. Like alpine hiking, or buying clothes, or even dating and the phases that can follow from it. It is easy to create an analogy of how investing is experienced in practice. It can… Continue Reading


Working in your Glory Years

Society is designed in a certain way. The whole financial independence/retire early (FI/RE) movement is structured to work within this societal framework design. It can be said that the rules of the game have been established, but FI/RE is a… Continue Reading


In the World of Assets

Personal finance and the whole financial independence (FI) movement has a love affair with assets. And rightfully so, if you use your income to purchase assets which appreciates or are productive you will get richer in the long run compared… Continue Reading