What Can I Sell to Make Money – 9 Profitable Ideas


Not sure what to sell? You don’t have to part with your favorite things. There are profitable ways to sell stuff you never thought was valuable. Remember, what’s not useful to you can be a treasure to someone else online. Our list shows that you can earn cash from simple, cheap things. You may be surprised at what sells.

Rare items may fetch big money on eBay. But don’t ignore items that are more common. Every small sale adds to your total. Learning how to sell on eBay and how to boost your Amazon profits is smart. It’s a quick skill to learn. Plus, it could mean more money for you.

What’s good to sell for money? Let’s look at 16 smart ideas to make your clutter profitable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t limit yourself to selling only valuable or rare items. Everyday low-price items can also bring in extra income.
  • Research how to become an eBay seller and maximize your profits on Amazon.
  • Consider selling childhood toys, old clothes, unused gift cards, and even wine corks for additional income.
  • Don’t forget about opportunities to monetize unused car parking spaces or participate in drug trials for extra cash.
  • With a little creativity, you can turn seemingly ordinary items into profitable assets.

What Can I Sell to Make Money?

Childhood Toys

Do you have a stash of childhood toys in your attic or basement? These old toys might be valuable. Get them out and take a look.

Selling toys online can be pretty profitable. eBay is a great place to start. It lets you reach people all over the world. You might have a toy worth a lot of money to the right buyer.

To see if your toys are valuable, look at eBay or similar sites. Check the toy’s condition, how rare it is, and if people want it. Toys like old action figures and dolls can be worth a lot.

Once you know what’s valuable, take clear pictures. Show the toy from all sides. Then, write a good description. Include any special features or accessories. Use words in your description that people might search for.

When you sell a toy, package it carefully. Use the right size box, and lots of padding. This helps keep the toy safe while it’s being shipped. Good service means happy customers and a good reputation.

Don’t let your old toys just sit there. They can make you some money. Take them out, clean them up, and sell them. It’s a great way to walk down memory lane and earn some cash.

Old Clothes

Are you wanting to clean out your closet and make some money? You can sell clothes online to earn from your old stuff. This works for both vintage and branded items.

People love vintage clothes because they are unique and old. These items bring a feeling of the past and look cool. So, you can earn well by selling them online.

Brands like Nike and Gucci are popular with many shoppers. If you have these brands in good condition, you may sell them at a high price.

Yet, you can still make money even if your clothes aren’t vintage or big brands. If your items are stylish and well-kept, someone will want them. It shows that what you don’t need, others might love.

Top Tips for Selling Clothes Online

  • Take high-quality photos: Clear and well-lit photos will attract more buyers and showcase your clothes effectively.
  • Write compelling descriptions: Highlight the unique features, condition, and style of your clothing items to entice potential buyers.
  • Set fair prices: Research similar listings to determine competitive prices for your clothes. Consider the brand, condition, and demand when pricing your items.
  • Offer detailed measurements: Providing accurate measurements will help buyers ensure that the clothes will fit them properly.
  • Offer a variety of shipping options: Give buyers flexibility by offering different shipping methods, such as express or standard shipping.

Follow our tips and use eBay, Poshmark, or Depop to sell. These platforms will help you reach buyers and make selling easier.

Platform Pros Cons
eBay – Large user base
– Global reach
– Ability to auction items
– Seller fees
– More competition
Poshmark – Dedicated fashion community
– Easy shipping labels
– Social sharing features
– Limited to North America
– Seller fees
Depop – Popular among fashion-forward buyers
– Easy-to-use app
– Social media integration
– Seller fees
– Limited buyer reach

Gift Cards

Have gift cards you don’t need? Sell them online to make money. It’s an easy way to clear out your wallet.

eBay is a great place to sell them. Put them up for a bit less and they sell faster. This approach attracts people looking for deals.

Remember to tell people about the brand, how much is left on the card, and any rules. Being clear helps buyers trust your deal.

Sell your gift cards and make your wallet lighter. Buyers get a good deal. It’s good for both sides.

Coat Hangers

Got extra coat hangers? You can sell them online to make some money. It’s an easy way to clear out space and earn cash. You might be surprised by how many people need these.

To make more money, sell hangers in sets that match. People like their closets to look neat. They’ll pay more for a complete set of hangers that match.

Remember, a set of 10 matching hangers can sell for about £2. So, it can be profitable to sell them this way.

Want to sell your coat hangers online? Start by taking good pictures of them. Then, list them on big sites like eBay or Etsy. Make sure to describe your hangers well and point out what makes them special.

When you list your hangers, use keywords that will help buyers find them. This can make a big difference in whether or not you make a sale.

Tips for Selling Coat Hangers Online:

  • Create appealing listings with clear and attractive photos.
  • Provide accurate descriptions of your coat hangers.
  • Highlight any unique features or qualities of your hangers.
  • Optimize your listings with relevant keywords for better search visibility.
  • Consider offering sets of matching hangers for higher selling prices.

Benefits of Selling Coat Hangers Online:

  • Declutter your space and get rid of extra coat hangers.
  • Make some extra money from items you no longer need.
  • Reach a wide audience of potential buyers online.
  • Contribute to sustainable living by giving your hangers a second life.

Ready to start? Turn your unused coat hangers into cash today!

Wine Corks

Looking for a unique item to add to your craft business? Try selling wine corks. These tiny things are very popular with craft lovers. You can make good money by selling them for DIY projects.

First, think about what types of corks you have. Regular wine corks can sell for 5p to 10p each. But, if you’ve got some champagne corks, they might go for more.

Show off the fun side of wine corks to get people interested. They’re great for making various crafts. You can use them for projects like bulletin boards, wreaths, coasters, and jewelry. Tell your customers to get creative with them.

Craft Ideas with Wine Corks

  • Create unique and eco-friendly coasters by gluing wine corks together.
  • Make a stylish bulletin board by attaching wine corks to a frame.
  • Design one-of-a-kind wine cork magnets for a functional and decorative touch.
  • Construct a charming wine cork keychain or necklace for a trendy accessory.

Selling wine corks can be a smart move. You’re not just selling them; you’re selling creativity. Make sure to show people what they can do with wine corks. This way, you can make a good income from them.


Selling your long, healthy hair can be a great way to make money. Many companies buy and sell hair, creating a good market.

Before cutting your hair, find a buyer that suits your needs. Some need hair freshly cut, others look for specific lengths. It’s smart to check each company’s rules for a smooth sale.

It’s a win-win to sell your hair. Buyers want quality hair for making wigs, extensions, and more. You get to help and earn money at the same time.

Keep your hair in top condition to sell it for a better price. Cut split ends often and keep it clean. This makes it more desirable for buyers.

After finding a buyer and cutting your hair, send it to them safely. Always follow their shipping and packaging instructions exactly.

Selling your hair is a cool way to earn from something you naturally grow. It can be fun and rewarding, whether you want extra money or to help the hair industry.

selling hair

Unused Car Parking Space

If you have a parking space but no car, you can make money by renting it out. This can help someone find a good spot to park. It’s especially good if you’re close to the city or in a busy place. People always need somewhere to park, which means you can earn extra money easily.

Renting your parking space is easy online through different websites. You just need to put up a listing with where it is, when it’s available, and how much it costs. Then, people looking for somewhere to park can find your spot and rent it. Make sure your price is good, and your listing is clear. This way, more people will choose your spot, and you can make more money.

If you live near the city, this is even better. Parking is often expensive and hard to find in big cities. By offering a cheaper and more convenient spot, you’ll always have people wanting to rent from you. This is also true if your parking spot is safe and well looked after, as people care about their car’s security.

To make things go smoothly, always be clear with your renters. Give them all the info they need and answer their questions fast. If you keep a good relationship with your renters, they might come back and leave good reviews. This can help you rent out your parking space a lot.

Don’t waste your parking space. You can earn money by letting others park there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a driveway, garage, or just a spot. There’s always a need for parking. So, start making money from your space today!

Body (for clinical tests!)

Looking for a unique way to make money? You can earn by joining drug trials. This not only brings in cash. It also helps in scientific research and new medicine development.

The pay varies from £100 daily to thousands, based on the trial’s length and the risks. These trials are done by pharmaceutical companies to check on people who are using new drugs. Your part is crucial, helping in the progress of medical science.

Before joining, know the risks and side effects. Talk to doctors and study the trial details. Also, be sure you fit the researchers’ conditions.

Joining drug trials not only earns you money. It aids society by improving medical research and maybe curing diseases. You can find these chances by contacting local centers, universities, or drug firms. They often need people for their trials.

But remember, your safety comes first in drug trials. Follow the rules, go to all appointments, and tell them about any issues quickly. Your help can lead to new treatments, which are both rewarding and may change lives.

Participating in Drug Trials

Benefits of Participating in Drug Trials:

  • Earn money while contributing to scientific research
  • Potential to help find cures for diseases
  • Access to cutting-edge medications
  • Chance to make a positive impact on society

Risks and Considerations:

  • Potential side effects and risks associated with the trial
  • Eligibility criteria and restrictions
  • Importance of following instructions and reporting any changes or side effects

Finding Drug Trial Opportunities:

  • Reach out to local research centers, universities, or pharmaceutical companies
  • Inquire about ongoing trials and eligibility requirements
  • Consider joining online platforms or communities that connect volunteers with drug trial opportunities
Trial Type Potential Payment Duration
Phase 1 £100 – £1,000 per day Several days to a few weeks
Phase 2 £500 – £2,000 per trial Several weeks to a few months
Phase 3 £1,000 – £5,000 per trial Several months to a year

Old Loo Roll

Don’t toss old toilet roll tubes into the recycling bin just yet! You can sell them online and make some extra money. It may sound surprising, but these tubes are valuable to some people or businesses.

The demand for cardboard tubes is high. They’re used in many craft projects like home décor, school activities, and art installations. By selling them, you help recycle and earn money.

Toilet roll tubes can sell for 5p to 10p each on average. But, selling in bulk can get you more money. With a lot of tubes, you can negotiate better prices and attract bulk buyers.

Wondering where to sell? Use online platforms for craft supplies and recycled goods. Etsy, eBay, and craft forums are good places for your sales.

Why would anyone buy these old tubes? They are great for creative projects like mini planters, storage, and party favors. Selling tubes helps creative projects, cuts waste, and supports recycling.

Next time you think of throwing an empty tube away, pause. You could turn it into cash by selling online. This way, you help financially and protect the environment.


What can I sell to make money?

There are lots of items you can sell for profit. Try selling old toys, clothes, or gift cards. You may even make money selling wine corks or your hair. Don’t forget about unused car parking spaces or participating in drug trials.

How can I sell childhood toys online?

Look through your old toys and check online. Sites like eBay might show they are worth a lot. You could have toys that sell for hundreds of pounds.

How can I sell old clothes online?

To sell clothes, look for branded or vintage items. These sell the best. But, you might still find buyers for other clothes too.

Can I sell gift cards online?

Yes, you can sell gift cards on eBay. Selling them for a bit less than their value helps them sell fast.

Can I make money by selling wine corks?

Selling wine corks is a good way to make a little money. You might get 5p to 10p for each one. Champagne corks can bring in even more.

How can I monetize my unused car parking space?

Don’t use your parking space but live near a city? Rent it out for some extra cash. Living close to the city can earn you even more.

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