There’s a lot of personal finance blogs on the internet that can assist you with almost anything personal finance related. I am a big fan myself reading many of these blogs regularly to soak up and digest information.

What is however prominent is that most of these blogs are in the USA and very American orientated. This is understandable being the largest economy in the world with the largest consumer base and in my opinion one of the countries where it is the easiest to become financially independent. The fact that all these blogs are in English also promotes their accessibility.

I am however not living in the USA or even a US citizen. I was born and live in South Africa which makes financial circumstances unique although very similar to the rest of the world in certain ways. Most personal finance blogs talk about risk and volatility in the first world, man…they should spend some time here in the Southern tip of Africa. Don’t get me wrong South Africa is a great place, it is like a little piece of Europe in Africa with some great infrastructure, huge inequality challenges and a lot more opportunity as it is not as business developed/saturated yet.

I have long been on a journey to write about personal financial wealth and have always had a different approach to money than the majority of people around me. It is something I am constantly learning about through experience and research. It has also been a personal journey to improve at managing my wealth and growing my net worth while being content with my financial wealth, which sounds a lot easier in theory that what it is in practise.

And this is where this blog comes in, from the above the reasons for this blog can be summarised as:

  • Taking sound financial principles, expanding on them, with some South African context behind it while being internationally relevant (for this reason all amounts are stated in USD).
  • Not just providing content on financial wealth, but on how to be content with your wealth. “He who is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature” – Socrates (470BC – 399 BC)
  • Sharing this journey, getting some input, putting myself out there, keeping me financially smart and above all hopefully making a difference in someone’s life by sharing my knowledge/experiences/perspectives.

Please enjoy wealthy content and always try to be content with your wealth.